Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Stewart Distribution has partnered with WAM (Wholesalers and Manufacturers) to bring your customers the best deals possible. We try to find the best programs so that our customers can make the best profit for the least amount of cost.

About WAM

In today’s business environment, the ability to create and sustain strategic partnerships is critical. WAM is a unique organization that strengthens these alliances and helps to complete the sales cycle between manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and the end-consumer.

WAM combines the talents and resources of 22 convenience-store distributors throughout the country, with 425 full-time sales reps and sales in excess of $4 billion. These distributors service 16,000 c-stores, 80% of which are independents. The WAM manufacturers classify WAM as a national account, which makes our group their 3rd or 4th largest distributor in the c-store channel.

WAM’s partnership with InfoBate, our data warehouse supplier, has taken WAM to the next level. InfoBate provides our participating manufacturers with a comprehensive information system for all outgoing shipments to the WAM distributors’ customers.

The value-added services provided by WAM and powered by InfoBate are revolutionizing the c-store channel.

WAM Retailer Accrual Program offers a complete solution for c-store accrual management. WAM negotiates, manages, tracks and collects all of the rebates on our retailers’ behalf. WAM, through Infobate reporting, offers consolidated tracking and reporting and issues each WAM retailer one check at the end of the year.  Through WAM we offer the following:

  • Monthly promotional book – Promosense
  • Category Management Tools – Shelf Sense
  • POS – Sign Kits and Shelf Talkers
  • Customized multi-vendor merchandisers