Ordering Options

Horizons and Virtual deli are our 24/7 virtual shopping platforms.

With Horizons and Virtual Deli you are able to shop at your convenience. With your specific login information you can view new items that are available now for purchase or coming soon to our warehouse. The Virtual Deli allows you to view deli items as well as multiple foodservice programs available to you. Both sites allow you to view your customer specific pricing at the time of purchase. Target items (items you shouldn’t miss) are preselected for you to keep you informed of what we feel will work best for your location. To make ordering easy, we can create your order history report and with just a few clicks you can have your order submitted over.


mc70Salestech is our Windows Mobile based, hand-held, ordering system.

Inventory Control

This system allows you to keep track of your inventory right on the unit. After a few weeks of use, the palm will begin suggesting quantities of products to order, based on your movement. This allows you to normalize the amount of inventory you keep, making sure you have enough, but not too much product.

Built-in Scanner

With Salestech, ordering product is as easy as scanning a shelf tag, or an item’s UPC.

Sending Your Order

Sending your order is easier than ever. Simply put the scanner into the cradle, and it sends your order to us over your stores internet connection!

Features include:

  • Online Price Book
  • Scan UPC or Stewart’s order number for order entry
  • Suggested order based on your purchase history
  • Review order totals before transmission
  • Order new shelf tags
  • Take inventory
  • Create and print movement reports
  • Review current movement of your merchandise by category or shelf
  • A / R & credit review
  • See your bookings & warnings for booked items when ordering

In this 24/7, self-service world, individuals and businesses alike have grown accustomed to instant access, and increasingly expect information and service on demand.

What’s more, as businesses are struggling to cut costs, employees are being asked to focus on higher-value activities, rather than spending time on routine tasks. But where does that leave your demanding customer base, which depends on you to manage the details? That’s where Retalix Power Net can help. This Web-based portal gives your customers and vendors the ability to manage their accounts. They can place orders, check invoices, review pricing and more. Most importantly, you’re providing everyone with better service—while saving money.


  • Gives customers and vendors real-time, 24 x 7 access
  • Offers a complete solution for customer order management and reporting
  • Lowers the cost of serving customers without sacrificing quality
  • Allows customers to order at their convenience via online portals or mobile devices
  • Increases sales by exposing customers to online product information (improves dollars per order)
  • Increases supply chain efficiencies by providing vendors with insight on purchase orders, movement history, item inventory and item information

Unique Features:

  • Robust search functions
  • Accurate inventory, allocation and pricing
  • Order creation using multiple order guides
  • Par-level ordering on all guides
  • Messaging based on customer behavior
  • Order visibility, reporting and administration
  • Items scanned into order for retailer convenience
  • Upselling of related items
  • Accounts payable review, including detailed invoices
  • Delivery confirmation review for Retalix Power Delivery users
  • Dashboard views; usage reporting
  • Vendor-managed inventory enablement
  • iPad support module; Safari and Android support

telxonThis is an acoustical device. It will allow you to enter item numbers and quantities into the device. The order is transmitted via any telephone receiver.