Mobile Solutions

With the Horizons Mobile App…

You have ordering in the palm of your hand! With the Horizons mobile app you have the capability to order, prebook, scan and view new items at any time! Simply login with your customer specific login information  and begin your shopping experience. Want to know what’s new…View the new items icon within the app! Looking for deals….View the Web Specials icon within the app! Also, the latest feature….Shelf tags. The ease of ordering has never been better!

A Complete Sales & Marketing Solution for iPad

Scius is an app we deployed to our sales reps and retail partners to bring a bevy of information and tools to those using it.

Features & Benefits Include:

  • Completely automated deal sheets to enhance speed to market andeliminate all printing costs.
  • Order capture to do away with the need for error prone paperwork.
  • Time stamped pages to see what your reps are showing customers.
  • Intuitive analytics enabling sales reps and customers to see cigarettemarket share data, as well as sales trends.
  • Manufacturer accrual program compliance to keep stores on track.
  • Core SKU analysis identifying what Core SKUs particular locationsare not purchasing from your warehouse.